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KATIE TEAGUE, Director/Producer/Writer/Editor

Katie is an award winning documentary filmmaker (Money & Life) and former Sundance grantee (99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film). With a Masters degree in Depth Psychology, she turned her tending of the world soul from the counseling room to the craft of visual story making. Her life purpose remains the same, just the form shifted: culture repair, helping to heal and transform our collective world space and bring forth a more loving, regenerative world that works for all.

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VICTORIA MARKHAM, Producer/Co-creator

Victoria is a global powerhouse on a mission to redesign the way we view grief and heal trauma in our Western, modern culture. Drawing on resources from indigenous cultures, personal experience, and study in the fields of trauma and eco-psychology, she brings a fresh and needed perspective to those who are walking the lifelong path of bereavement. She is the founder of LifeCycle Center in Ashland, Oregon.

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André is a composer with an exceptional capacity for hard work. In 2015, he was awarded his first "Best Score" prize, at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival for his work in Linda Palmer's short-film "Our Father”. André has also been recently nominated for the best  "Contemporary-classical/instrumental" music award at the 2017 edition of the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. In 2019 André won the award of best music used on film/tv/game at the 17th edition of the Independent Music Awards, for a theme score he composed entitled "LEDA", from the stunning 3D silent movie also named "LEDA" (a film reimagining the Greek myth "Leda and the Swan"). With musical collaborations that range from Iceland to Sri Lanka, André has now collaborated with film producers and directors from the USA, Spain, Sweden, Japan, Iceland, Canada, Mexico, India, Germany and Portugal.

JULIE FREED, Co-Producer

Julie is a Dream Tender, Death Doula, family constellation facilitator and yoga/meditation teacher. She loves working in liminal spaces and in the portals of transformation. She is also very active with the Ashland Death Cafe and coaches those wanting to plan for their deaths by deeply examining their current lives. She has years of experience in helping to produce and facilitate community events.

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SEAN McCOY, Sound Engineer

Sean McCoy was born into a musical family, writing music from elementary through high school, ultimately attending the University of Oregon on a composition scholarship. He later attended California State University, Northridge, as a trumpet performance major. The blurring of the lines between creativity and technology led to his opening Oregon Sound Recording in 1989, where he has been continuously and actively involved in music recording, composing for commercials and films, and all aspects of audio post production.